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UPDATED: October 15, 2018

For a long time there have been many assumptions about the best source of drugs for improving memory. Some people think that active ingredients derived from natural sources are the best supplements to help the process of improving memory, while others believe that the main “vitamins” and “minerals” should do the trick. However, the best way depends on the pharmacological profile of the person and the speed with which the memory boosting drugs can penetrate the blood-brain barrier.

This is a decisive factor in determining the source of the best memory supplement.

o Many studies have been carried out on Gingko Biloba extract obtained from the leaves of the same plant, and significant evidence of the plant’s effectiveness as a potential memory enhancer has been found.

Expands the blood vessels

The drug or active ingredient works by expanding the blood vessels, which, in turn, significantly increases the speed of blood flow to the brain. In addition, it does not allow fats or cholesterol in the body to become a plaque and settle on the walls of blood vessels. In opposite cases, plaques and settlements form cardiac arrhythmias and other cardiac disorders, which are among the main causes of memory loss.

Most important constituents

boost your memory

Trapezoidal content and flavonoids

The most important constituents of the extract are trapezoidal content and flavonoids, which also play an important role, in addition to the other constituents that it uses. These ingredients significantly increase the activity of the body systems. They help slow the aging process of the brain and help eliminate many of the ionic formations in the brain caused by oxidation and reduction processes.


Another connection that is found naturally is “DMAE”. It is usually found in fish and helps counteract stress loads, relieving depression and creating happiness. It helps to increase the activity of a person’s knowledge and is very effective. It also helps in the proper functioning of the brain stem, which is otherwise associated with the production of the most important neurotransmitter in the body: Ach or “acetylcholine”.


Recently it was shown that he has a direct relationship with the levels of human memory. In other words, people with memory loss or have less memory have lower acetylcholine levels.

The last mentioned product is “gotu kola”, which is said to be the most powerful nootropic in the world and have the best actions to increase memory along with the two mentioned above.

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