Why Online Doctors are Good for you and Employees

PUBLISHED: June 11, 2018

People are always complaining about the waiting lists for GP appointments, and it’s no wonder. The waiting times are getting longer than ever – and it can affect your every day and working life.  Online Doctors can make this a little easier for you, especially if you have a more demanding job. We have put together a list of reasons as to why online Doctors can be beneficial for employers and employees and create a better working environment.

They are Available 24/7

This is beneficial for both employers and employees as it means that advise can be sought out-with working hours.  This means that there is a better peace of mind for workers who aren’t feeling great – and it also means that employers will have less downtime from their employees when it comes to taking time off to meet appointments.

Avoidance of Long-Term Sickness

If an employee has a health issue that is on the sensitive side – they may not want to speak to their line manager straight away.  They also may not want to go and see a Doctor face to face.  If they are seen more quickly – it means that they are less likely to have long-term sickness issues, or that they will be dealt with more effectively.

It’s a Good Perk to Have

It’s a competitive world these days when it comes to getting new staff members.  Having additional perks such as the facility to use online Doctors – can definitely be a contributing factor to people choosing your company to work for.  It also doesn’t need to be too costly, you can get great services such as the Babylon Dr app, where you can offer this as a company perk without having to break the bank.

It Shows Employees they are Valued

Health and wellbeing is something that should be on the forefront of all company core values.  Offering this kind of service to employees shows them straight away that they are valued.  When this happens, it means that they are much more likely to stay at your company longer and this will in turn reduce staff turnover and in the long-term costs.

It Reduces Employee Stress Levels

There is nothing worse than a stressed workforce.  Thinking that you could have health issues can be incredibly stressful for employees – so being able to contact a Doctor at any time can do wonders for their mental health. A stress-free office environment makes for a happy workforce overall and is bound to increase their productivity levels.

If you were thinking about integrating an online health service option within your business – then hopefully you will have a better idea of the benefits of this not only for you but your employees by reading this list.

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