An ultimate guide to women’s health physiotherapist

UPDATED: July 14, 2022

womens health physiotherapist can assist a woman who is pregnant, at both pre and post-pregnancy along with prolapse, postnatal, and antenatal physiotherapy.

About antenatal physiotherapy

Prenatal or antenatal therapy involves the below-listed treatments of physiotherapy during the pregnancy of a woman.

  • Educating about childbirth: Involving stretches, techniques of relaxation, and birthing classes to assist at the time of childbirth.
  • How to work out securely in pregnancy: Through smooth exercises Pilates and yoga. A women’s health physiotherapist can also proffer suggestions on if you must stop working out during your pregnancy and the methods that allow you to work securely and exercise at the time of every trimester.
  • Pelvic girdle pain treatment: By nourishing the pelvic floor and creating adjustments of postural.

About postnatal physiotherapy

womens health physiotherapist

Physiotherapy postnatal involves the below treatments for a particular woman after the pregnancy.

  • Abdominal separation or rectus diastasis treatment: This is done to reconstruct the wall of the abdomen and enhance the basic post-pregnancy activation.
  • Re-invigorating the pelvic floor: This is always a problem post-pregnancy no matter what the situation is.
  • Coming back to work out after childbirth: To live a fit and healthy lifestyle and securely.
  • Treatment of caesarean scar and therapy of connective tissue: To assist women to restore from a C-section at the time of childbirth.
  • Controlling the postural changes: Because of bigger breasts, breastfeeding positions, and distributions in changing weight.

About prolapse physiotherapy

Prolapse happens when the separation occurred of the pelvic floor from the uterus and leaves a huge amount of childbirth.

Women’s health physiotherapists are helping women encounter the following ways of prolapse.

  • Adjusting pessaries: Placing into the woman’s vagina to assist help and aid the pelvic floor. These are detachable and can be placed and unfastened by yourself with the guidance of your physiotherapist.
  • Recommendations of supplements: To enhance your levels of estrogen and equilibrate your hormones.
  • Surgery recommendations: These are seldom used, nevertheless they are possibly a reliable choice you can go along with your physiotherapist.

These are all the procedures a specialist women’s healthy physiotherapist performs.


The stage of pregnancy is a very critical stage of a particular woman’s life, this is why it is recommended to take the guidance of a women’s health physiotherapist and get rid of all the health issues. This article covers all the viable information about them and how they can help you.

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