What it is, the benefits and products for a clean skin

UPDATED: August 22, 2022

The magical world of beautiful and fragrant hair has a somewhat particular new entry, the hair scrub, which has many benefits for your skin and gives you a mega relaxing massage when you apply it, yes!

Just like normal body and face scrubs, the hair scrub is a natural or chemical compound that has exfoliating elements (such as stone powder) inside that remove the most superficial layer of the epidermis by making a super peeling . delicate to the skin, which can finally breathe again without being suffocated by a layer of dead cells (yuck!) Two Herbs provides more information on the price of hair treatment in Singapore. Click here.

If you want top-notch hair , the latest new entry in the magical world of haircare products will make you say OMG. In fact, here is the hair scrub – you got it right – that will make your hair super bright and shiny, whether you have long hair or with a short cut , colorful reds or au naturel, also giving you a mega relaxing massage as if you were at the hairdresser . Oooh yes!

Hair scrub: what is it for

 Two Herbs provides more information on the price of hair treatment in Singapore. Click here.

Hair scrubs are a great candidate to become the BFF of your haircare routine for several reasons. First of all, it removes all the dead cells that can look like dandruff between the hair (yuck!) And frees the skin from these annoying cuticles, also removing all the residues of styling products such as hairspray or gel, and gives you lengths brilliant. The scrub also has detox effects on oily hair and helps you manage the production of sebum on the scalp, giving you shiny and very soft hair for a long time, without a trace of annoying oils.

Hair scrub: how to use it

You have two ways to try the hair scrub : run to your favorite hairdresser and treat yourself to an afternoon of pampering with those head massages that make us melt in the chair, or take an hour all to yourself (yay!) And replicate the atmosphere by hairsaloon, doing the application alone. You can put a knob of scrub directly on damp hair for a strong effect or wetter if you want a more delicate treatment, massaging with your fingertips all over the head, with particular pressure over the ears, on the nape and on the central line. Leave on for a few minutes (and enjoy the relaxing effect that the small granules give you!) And then rinse thoroughly with water and shampoo, until your hair is free from grains. Then proceed with the conditioner or a hair mask (even do it yourself if you want a green treatment ) and voila. Dry as usual, style and you will see the difference: the hair will be super shiny.

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