Understanding the Symptoms and Risk Factors of Sleep Apnea

UPDATED: March 20, 2020

The serious sleep disorder where the breathing stops and begins repeatedly is known as sleep apnea. If you are the person who snore a lot and still feel tired after full sleep then you might have sleep apnea. You can find treatment centers all around the world like sleep apnea treatment hong kong. The major kinds of sleep apnea are –

  • The center sleep apnea which occurs when your brain is unable to send the signals in proper way to muscles which controls human’s breathing.
  • The obstructive sleep apnea happens when your throat relaxes and this is one of the common type of sleep apnea.
  • The complex sleep apnea syndrome occurs when someone has obstructive as well as center sleep apnea.

If you feel like having any kind of these sleep apnea then consult the doctor as soon as possible. When you get treated properly, you can prevent any complications and heart problems. 

What are the symptoms of sleep apnea?

The obstructive and central sleep apnea signs and the symptoms actually overlap with each other. Few of the times it becomes complicated to identify which kind of sleep apnea you are suffering with. The normal symptoms and signs incorporate.

  • The conditions in which your breathing while you are sleeping can be reported by another individual that how you breathing repeatedly with starts and stops.
  • Snoring loudly.
  • Waking up with the dry mouth.
  • Having a headache in the morning.
  • While sleep, you gasp for the air.
  • High sleepiness in the daytime.
  • Becoming difficult to stay asleep.
  • While you awake, you might feel difficult to pay attention on things.
  • Causes irritability.

If you snore loudly then you need to visit doctor and do sleep test hong kong then get treated. 

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What are the risk factors of sleep apnea? 

Sleep apnea can happen to any one and the central sleep apnea occurs for

  • The middle aged and older people can get this kind of sleep apnea.
  • The people with heart issues has more risk of sleep apnea occurrence.
  • This disorder is more normal in men compared with women.
  • The people who are using narcotic pain medications are prone to sleep apnea.
  • The individual who had the stroke is vulnerable to sleep apnea.

The obstructive sleep apnea occurs for the individuals –

  • Due to overweight or obesity there will be higher risk of sleep apnea.
  • The one with the thick neck circumference.
  • The individuals with narrow airway of throat are highly prone to sleep apnea.
  • If any one in your family has sleep apnea then it is high that you also might get it.
  • The things like alcohol and drugs can increase the cause of sleep apnea to a person who takes drugs or more alcohol.

Thus, these are signs, symptoms and risk factors which can cause sleep apnea to an individual.

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