Security Tips for Your Marijuana Dispensary

UPDATED: November 20, 2019

Starting your own cannabis dispensary is not going to be easy. You will have to face different challenges, and one of these would be your security concerns. These concerns can be both internal and external threats. So, how can you make your Marijuana Dispensary in California safe, specifically your products, employees, and your money? How do you know that you are following the California Marijuana Dispensary Laws? Here are some tips for dispensary owners on how to identify the risks within and outside their facilities.

Identifying The Security Risks
The top security threat for every dispensary is shrinking. Business owners should make sure that they minimize their employee’s ability to funnel cash out of their facility through different methods like voided transactions and providing unauthorized discounts. You should be hands-on at identifying the risk factors within and outside your facility.

The Importance of Video Surveillance Systems
For every cannabis business, a video surveillance system is very important. In fact, it is sometimes required by the law. This is why it is essential that you have a reliable video surveillance system. When something goes wrong, video surveillance can be very helpful. If you do not wish to pay extra for a reasonably designed system, then you will have no evidence of the incident when you need it the most.

Business owners should make it a point to constantly evaluate their video surveillance. This is to make sure that they keep up with what their business needs. This is very important, especially to businesses that are already established, where they purchased their system years ago and just find out that what they have is either unreliable or maybe they don’t have the features that newer models nowadays have, like remote access.

Marijuana DispensaryChoosing The Right Security Cameras
Now that you know how important video surveillance systems are, you must also learn how to choose the right camera for your business. First, you should select a camera that is not only cost-effective but should also be right for your business. For these cameras, storage is a big factor. There are states that require cannabis businesses to have 45 to 90 days of high-quality video stored. Usually, they also require 720p resolution with 15 frames per second.

The video quality will determine the system’s storage space because the higher the quality, the more the storage space it requires. A tip when selecting high-performing cameras is to choose the ones that use the low amount of bandwidth in order to acquire video. Once you have the right cameras that use low bandwidth when capturing video, this can reduce your storage usage by up to 75%.

Have Video Surveillance On Your Delivery Trucks
Aside from video surveillance within your facility, it is also important that you install the same system on your delivery trucks. This way, while the product goes through what we call the ‘seed-to-sale’ process, everything is tracked with a video to make sure that your products are securely transported from one location to another.

Transaction Tracking Features On POS System
If you have the budget, it is also good to integrate transaction tracking to your POS System. This way, when products are sold, the transaction information will be stored in your system and will also be searchable. If you have this feature, you would be able to go through and take a look at when a product is sold. You would also have immediate access to the video and see what’s happening.

With this system, you can also look for and identify problems like voided transactions that can indicate that money has been accepted and the product was released to the customer, but the employee took the money and placed it on his or her pocket. Transaction tracking can be very useful in helping you identify if your employee is giving unreasonable discounts to people they know. It is important that you know of this because it slowly eats away your profit.

Taking care of your security issues is much more important than other factors that affect your business. Starting and growing a cannabis business is not going to be easy. There will be roadblocks along the way, but knowing how to protect your business can take one worry off your shoulders. So, whether you’re just about to start, or you already have an established marijuana dispensary business, make it secure using the tips mentioned above.

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