Psilocybin: All You Need To Know Before Trying Them

UPDATED: May 4, 2023

The chemical psilocybin, also referred to as magic mushroom, is hallucinatory. The effects of mushrooms containing psilocybin can range from happiness to delusions.

Psilocybin for sale to users is more commonly to be used as a recreational drug. It may offer the same types of pleasure and sensory deprivation as substances that cause hallucinations, like LSD.

It has also been looked at to see if it could be used to treat certain diseases. Medical organizations don’t think psilocybin is addictive, but users may experience frightening visions, fear, and panic after using it.

Some Useful Points On Psilocybin

  • Both beneficial and adverse physical and psychological consequences of psilocybin are possible.
  • Psilocybin can cause psychotic episodes although it is not inherently addictive.
  • People with a family background of psychosis face a heightened possibility of an unpleasantmental response to psilocybin.

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How do they work?

Psilocybin frequently triggers the activation of serotonin receptors in the prefrontal brain. This region of the mind impacts discernment, insight, and feeling. Additionally, the parts of the cerebral cortex that control alertness and panic responses are affected by hallucinogens.

Psilocybin does not always produce vivid hallucinations. All things considered, it modifies how certain people on medication see the things and individuals currently present in their surroundings.

The amount of psilocybin taken, their previous experience, and perceptions of how things would turn out can all have an impact on the effects of the drug.

The hallucinogenic effects of psilocybin typically begin 30 minutes after use and last 5 to 6 hours.

A magic mushroom’s efficacy is affected by its species, origin, the time allowed for harvesting, and whether it is consumed fresh or dried. Dried mushrooms contain around ten times more psilocybin than fresh ones.


Psilocybin is commonly taken as blended tea or in part with food to decrease its unpleasant taste. Also, makers produce dried mushrooms in capsule structures by crushing them. Those who consume these mushrooms occasionally cover them in chocolate.

Some people may experience lasting and distressing shifts in their worldview when they use psilocybin. These episodes now and again intensify as painful visual flashbacks, which are recollections of incredibly difficult encounters. Some people who use psilocybin may also experience illusions, agitation, and symptoms that are classified as schizophrenia. Lastly, though there is little risk, if these symptoms appear, the person should immediately visit the emergency room.


Psilocybin tolerance can also be caused by regular consumption, and cross-tolerance can also be caused by LSD and mescaline. Users must allow at least a few days between doses to reap the full benefits of these medications.

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