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UPDATED: February 6, 2021

With continues effort to discover what happens to the human bodies when we age, there are a lot of ways of optimizing health—down to the cellular level. But, one thing that has gained huge interest among the people is NAD or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide; it is a coenzyme that is responsible for the cell metabolic activity & energy formation, and its primary role in reducing the mental and physical changes of the aging. In this article, we will learn more about this product and also know about nr powder.

NR and NMN Molecule – Know the Difference

Pitting NR & NMN against one another is somewhat of the moot point as both the molecules have not yet studied in humans. But, one of the biggest, and obvious, difference between both the molecule is its size. NMN is larger than NR, it means it is broken down just to fit rightly in your cell. NR, compared to NAD+ precursors (nicotinic acid and nicotinamide) reigns the supreme in efficiency and output.

What’s Nicotinamide Riboside?

One of the primary reason that nicotinamide Riboside or NR is highly beneficial for your body is it’s converted in NAD+ in your body. And NAD+ is very important for the energy, mitochondria as well as sleep cycle.


It activates following things in your body:

  • PARPs involved in the DNA repair
  • CD38 plays an important role in the production of insulin
  • Sirtuins are the anti-aging enzymes

Neuro-Protection ability of NR makes this no-brainer for the athletes participating in the contact sports, however its ability for increasing following areas make this supplements a best product for anybody who takes the performance, health, and physique very seriously:

  • Metabolism – Improved calorie expenditure that will help to create extra fat loss with proper diet & exercise.
  • Anti-Aging – Higher Sirtuin function will slow down the cell aging & death to promote the healthier aging
  • Endurance – Improved ATP availability and production for maximizing the energy levels & muscle performance in the sport.

However, give NMN a different door that will fit through, and it is the new game. It is where the cellular transporters become an important part. The transporters are one kind of proteins, which are the doors on a cell; and they allow the molecules to come in the cell without any need to transform chemically.

Suggested Dosages

The right dose for the nicotinamide riboside is from 1 – 200 mg daily. The higher doses have actually shown less adverse effects, however any side effects can be prominent at the higher doses.

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