All you need to know about Dental Amalgam

UPDATED: October 14, 2022

Dental amalgam is a term that you should be familiar with if you are a dentist or are studying dentistry. If you don’t already know, dental amalgam is one of the materials utilised in this industry. This substance is used to heal and fill up the cavities-damaged teeth. This amalgam is created by combining mercury with an alloy of some metals, including silver, mercury, copper, and tin. However, since 2017, the use of dental amalgam has been limited throughout all of Europe. By 2030, the European Union will have totally phased out the use of dental amalgam. It has been utilised in the filling procedure for many years despite being somewhat illegal. Currently, different materials, including as tooth-colored materials, are favoured for repairing teeth that have cavities. It is not safe to dispose of amalgamas dentales—dental amalgam—in the environment since it contains 50% mercury. Therefore, when these dental amalgams are employed in offices, there are specific rules that must be observed. A waste management firm that is licenced specially collects and treats the trash of these dental amalgams.

Dental amalgams

Benefits that Dental Amalgam can provide

Speaking of advantages, considering that this method has been in use for close to a century, it is widely regarded as effective. Strong and durable materials are used to create this type of filler. When compared to other treatments used to restore their teeth with cavities, even this technique is the least expensive. Dental amalgam can be handled and transported without any problems. It can easily survive for up to ten years without any additional restorative materials. You will be able to chew as easily as you did in your daily life if you acquire a dental amalgam. Along with all of these advantages, it also offers a strong marginal seal. Although dental amalgam is largely regarded as harmless, it still doesn’t include certain substances like mercury that are harmful to the environment. Therefore, the garbage from dental amalgam must be handled carefully and collected by some of the top waste management firms that are in possession of valid permits. UTPR is one of the sites you might use if you’re looking for such a business in Spain. They have been trusted by many years by any people fro different health facilities, as they make sure that you follow all the protocols and can help in getting licence as well.

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