About Oral Contraceptive Pill Singapore You Need To Know

UPDATED: June 13, 2022

There are numerous birth control techniques available in Singapore, including condoms, patch, rings, implants, IUDs, ligation, and even vasectomies, but the contraceptive pill, and oral contraceptive, is among the most popular.

Ladies considering this contraceptive method, you’re in luck. In this, you will go over contraceptive pills, how this work, how much they cost, and which you can purchase oral contraceptive pill singapore.

What exactly is birth control, and how do they function?

oral contraceptive pill singapore

Birth control pills, often known as contraceptives, are pills that women take orally to prevent unwanted births. These medications have chemicals that stop or reduce ovulation, so preventing conception. They also increase mucus to block sperm from entering and thinning the uterine lining, making it less likely that an egg cell would attach. BCPs are indicated for sexually active women who want to avoid pregnancy.

Approximately 85% of women who are not using contraceptive pills and are attempting to conceive will conceive within a year. Suppose you don’t want to get pregnant and don’t think you’ll remember taking a medication every day. In that case, you should probably consider a longer-acting type of birth control, including injection, patch, implantation, vaginal ring, or IUD.

What exactly is birth control?

Contraceptive pills are oral pills that women can take daily to prevent conception. Birth control drugs inhibit egg production and thicken cervical mucus, preventing sperm from fertilizing eggs. Birth control pills are classified into two types: combination pills, which include two hormones, progesterone and estrogen, and mini-pills, which contain only progestin. In general, combined oral contraceptive pills outperform progestin-only birth control tablets. All birth control tablets require a doctor’s prescription.

Combination birth control is sold in 21-day packs containing 21 active tablets or 28-day bags containing 21 active tablets and seven inactive tablets. The inactive tablets are given to assist the lady in remembering when to begin a new package of pills. Seasonique, for example, contains 84 active capsules and seven inert tablets.

There is no likelihood of a pregnancy if the active pills are not accepted. It is, nevertheless, critical to begin the new pack with active tablets on the exact day. When the inactive tablets are taken, the menstrual cycle occurs.

What exactly is a mini-pill or progestogen contraception pill?

Continue to take your progestin-only pills. Here each medicine is active; no placebo or inert drugs are included in the box. When you finish a pack of providers must meet pills, you begin another the following day. With progestin-only medications, you’ll have your period inside the fourth week, no period or spotting throughout the month. Your menstrual cycle could be heavier or shorter.

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