Having a Toothache and Home Remedies

PUBLISHED: July 27, 2021

 Unfortunately, some people do not care enough about their oral hygiene, and as a result, they face various dental issues. Females, compared to males, care more about their dental condition. As a Toronto emergency dentist states: “most men refer to a dentist only when they face a sudden intolerable toothache.” Not being able to do your daily activities due to suffering from a toothache is an awful experience. It can also bother you at night. Toothache can be a severe oral health problem that develops to further issues if ignored. Therefore, the best recommendation for those having a toothache is to refer them to the nearest emergency dental clinic. However, some home remedies help you reduce the severity of your pain.

Having a Toothache and Home Remedies

 The first and most common remedy while having a toothache is a mixture of warm water and salt, called saltwater. Salt is a strong element for killing bacteria. Rinse your mouth with this solution.

 Most people believe that there are some strong, helpful natural remedies to reduce the various pains, including toothache. one of these traditional natural remedies is garlic. There is a main ingredient in it that helps reduce pain.

 Another suggested remedy is making an ice bag to numb and soothe the painful area. You can wrap a piece of ice in a clean cloth and then put it on the painful area.

 Have you ever heard about clove oil? This is another traditional solution for toothache. Eugenol is the major ingredient in clove oil that acts as a natural antiseptic. So if you have an awful toothache, just use a few drops of this oil and rub it into the needed area. It will be like a magic treatment and reduce your pain.

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 If you suffer from toothache, do not lie down at all. Since when you do it, your blood pressure increases, and it makes your pain worse. If you have a sudden toothache at night and this damn pain prevents you from sleeping, make sure your head is upper than the pillow. It will help you sleep comfortably when having a toothache.

 Another natural antidote is vanilla. You may get surprised. But, this natural antidote can help relieve toothache. Make a cotton ball of this natural antidote and apply it to the painful area.

 Do you have any information about tea bags and toothache? They have antibiotic features. So, they will reduce your toothache. Let them cool, and then bite them gently on your painful tooth. After a while, you will feel less pain in your tooth.

 All these mentioned remedies are helpful and reduce your pain. But, they are not permanent. It means you may experience toothache after a while again. It should also be noted that not having a toothache doesn’t mean no dental issues exist. Set an emergency appointment with your dentist to have a comprehensive view of your dental problem. Besides, try to have regular check-ups with your emergency dentist to assess your oral health. Remember that your oral health is linked directly to your overall health. If you visit your emergency dentist regularly, dental issues will be prevented or treated easily.

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