Reasons to Adopt CBD Treatment for Reducing Opioid Addiction

PUBLISHED: June 29, 2019

Researchers at the University of Mississippi have found that Cannabidiol has the extraordinary ability to mitigate the addictive effects of the opioid. Cannabidiol or CBD is an oil extract that comes from the cannabis plant. The researchers found that the compound could not only give the feeling of calmness to those who depended heavily on opioids, but could also save them from the side-effects of the usual THC compounds; based on reports published on cannabis.net. CBD relieves the pain that come with opioidusage, but retains all of its soothing properties that cause relief.

The researchers also found that if the opioid-addicted individual maintains a daily dosage of 10 mg of CBD, then they’d achieve the optimal result. Experts have conducted tests on several mice in the lab and found their results to match the predictions of the initial findings. They, therefore, came to the valid conclusion that CBD indeed can obstruct the opioid reward scheme and consequently inhibit the mechanism of addiction.

CBD Treatment

There is a misconception that the use of cannabis (parent plant from which CBD is extracted) often precedes the use of heavier drugs. This is a myth; one propagated more by ignorance than fact. Cannabis provides a gateway for people to step out of opioid addiction; it saves such from the terrible consequences associated with addictive opioid use.

In Los Angeles, a health center that specializes in the management of drug addiction has adopted CBD treatment and has since been recording successes and testimonies from their clients. Cannabidiol (CBD) help patients sleep soundly, stop all forms of anxiety, and offer the general benefits associated with opioids, and in the process, it also stops the opiodaddiction process.

Research has shown that more than 96% of addicts who adopted the use of cannabis were successfully weaned from opioid use after a few weeks. And in fact, 80% of the patients at the drug addiction center in LA drastically dropped in their level of dependence on opioids, and at the moment, they are almost completely weaned from the addiction.

There is no point in denying that there has been a growing use of opioids in recent times, especially considering the side-effects that come with such usage. Scientists have made considerable progress in proffering a solution through CBD research, and they are still working tirelessly to make more useful findings. The research is geared towards fully optimizing the use of CBD to block opioid reward and treat addiction to opioids, and we can only hope they make more progress.

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