Face Mask: Keeps The Person Safe From Covid-19

UPDATED: March 8, 2021

People usually doubt if wearing a mask will stop the spread of the covid-19 pandemic, causing disease. It is noted that not all people wear masks properly on their face. This carelessness is leading to an increased number of cases in the country. The graph had started to come down but now has again started to climb up. These medical professionals claim that the graph will further keep climbing if people don’t take the necessary precautions for preventing covid-19. Industry experts, LHM Medical, believe that it is all spreading because of the reckless behaviour of citizens.

What is the purpose of masks?

The people have been influenced by fashion and are looking to match their clothes with their mask’s colour. These masks are made from ordinary cloth, which is not efficient enough to stop the virus from entering a human’s body. People are more concerned about how they will look instead of how to protect themselves and their family. The scientists have advised people to wear a procedural earloop mask made with three protective layers and stops the germs and virus from entering the body up to 99.99 percentage. These masks are specially designed for the following:

LHM Procedure Mask

  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Nursing homes
  • Dentist clinics
  • Laboratory in-charge
  • Veterinary doctor and staff
  • Infection control experts

These masks are specially designed for these medical professionals, which is recommended for people because these are the best in preventing the virus entry into our body. The scientists believe that people with low immunity should wear two of such masks for extra precaution as it nullifies the chances of getting covid.

Government initiative about preventing covid

The government made many public appearances to make people aware of the symptoms and preventive measures, and people have not stopped gatherings. Many people in the field of medicine started creating content for social media to spread awareness. People started donation drives to make people aware of the adverse conditions of rural India. The government launched various rules regarding preventive measures:

  • Wearing masks was made compulsory for everyone living in and around the city.
  • The gathering was prohibited, and if anyone found guilty was fined heavily and even put in jail for a day or two.
  • Compulsory sanitising hands before entering and leaving any premises like shops, grocery stores, clinics, community entrances, etc.
  • All the movie halls and restaurants were shut down as they were the centre of attraction for people who wanted to do something fun.

Along with various medical bodies and councils, the government formed strict guidelines for the betterment and benefit of the citizens to prevent the spread of covid-19. They started framing various rules and regulations about people who were stepping out for groceries and personal reasons. They suggested the best way to contain covid-19 was by wearing a mask and sanitising hands every few minutes.

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